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project description

Marketing strategy, branding, content creation, campaigns, online and offline graphic design, community creation, supplier management & Web Design
Security services for companies and municipalities, cleaning services for companies and municipalities, security products for businesses

Team 3

Company Description: Team 3 Group is a conglomerate of companies that specialize in security, electronic protection and security systems, fire safety, cleaning, and general maintenance services. The Group aims to provide a comprehensive range of advanced solutions to meet the needs of its clients. Established in 1990, the company is recognized as one of the top 5 companies in its field by BDi in the country.

Marketing Goals: A key objective for Team 3 is to enhance their digital presence among young Israelis aged 18-25, while preserving the brand language and reaching new business clients of all sizes.

Behind the Scenes

Marketing Strategy: To increase return on investment (ROI) by 5% online, we will improve user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) and refresh the online campaign with new content and targeted advertising. Recruiting top-quality personnel is crucial for Team 3 as it competes with organizations such as the Mossad and the Israel Police. A strong digital presence among young people is essential for recruitment.

Way of Action: To attract a young audience, we published entertaining and light-hearted content, such as a video featuring the popular “taxi driver” character from the successful Israeli TV show “Eretz Nehederet” (The Israeli SNL), played by Yuval Semo. The video organically gained over a million views on YouTube and Facebook. Additionally, we collaborated with the IDF and organized special activities for soldiers at IDF events. Team 3 created various fun activities to engage soldiers and encourage them to enlist in senior security positions with the company. To expand Team 3’s client base, we revamped all ads on Google and Facebook and built a new main website.


Social Media
viral campaigns, Team 3 reached 50,000 followers on their Facebook page
15% increase in unique users
Long Term Effects
During our work together, the ROI increased by 45%, and the recruitment by 275%

Behind The Scenes​ look

Digital community The number of followers of team 3 has increased to over 50 thousand followers thanks to the creation of attractive content and the targeting of the relevant audience
Social Media Ads The ads turned to an emotional and deep place in order to create a real connection.
Innovative landing pages When the foreign workers arrive at the branch - the first thing they see is the CEO, so his ad always runs to the crowd of foreign workers. This gave them greater confidence to close the deal because they see a familiar face.
Google ads Google ads in the Google search engine, websites and apps

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