Shay Menashe Levy


project description

2020 - 2022
Marketing strategy, branding, content creation, campaigns, online and offline graphic design, community creation, supplier management & Web Design
Social Service, legal

Hakeren - Foreign worker fund

Company Description: Hakeren helps foreign workers with all their needs while they work in Israel, including work visas, refugee visas, residence visas, assistance in obtaining medical insurance, assistance with legal issues, exercising all their rights, and more.

Marketing Goals: Hakeren’s competitors invested a lot of work in their offline marketing, but when it came to online, they only focused on Google, so the bid on Google was very high. No one knew how to target foreign workers that just arrived to Israel and foreign workers that live in Israel, employers, potential employers and potential business partners. Facebook doesn’t give it as an option, so I needed to make that option.

Behind the Scenes

Marketing Strategy: Increased organic activity, and by doing that, increased their database. Focus mainly on the digital platform where there isn’t any competition, and make them the dominant company in their field in the digital platforms.

Way of Action: Each day, they posted new videos, and I created a database from those videos. With a unique targeting technique I developed over the years, I managed to target each video and each static post I made to the relevant audience, even if small. We always made the content personal and friendly. The offline marketing also targeted the audience to follow Hakeren on social media, and we built a community on Telegram where employees can find work. We found our diamond in the rough, and all we had to do was help it reach its full potential.



Social Media
The company’s social media following increased to 60,000 followers on Facebook and 11,000 on Telegram. some of the videos went viral and reached between 100,000 views to 2,000,000 views organically on Facebook (about 7 million video views per year)
UI - UX, new design website
Long Term Effects
Hakeren became the leading company in its field and even were invited to special committees at the Israeli parliament -HaKnesset. The ROI increased dramatically, and in 2022 they opened a second branch in Tel Aviv.


Behind The Scenes​ look

Ad design Adapted design to all of Hakerns services
Digital community Every holiday is a reason to party. Every holiday we made sure to note this and on social media we celebrated together with the followers in a way that would make them feel a sense of belonging.
Turning the CEO into a presenter When the foreign workers arrive at the branch - the first thing they see is the CEO, so his ad always runs to the crowd of foreign workers. This gave them greater confidence to close the deal because they see a familiar face.
60K followers on Facebook Organic & sponsored promotion
Branding Thanks to the power in social media and proper branding - the foreign worker fund became the voice of foreign workers in Israel, and was invited to special committees in the Israeli parliament
Offline Marketing Adapted design to all of Hakerns activities: signage, rollups, advertising brochure, presentations, etc. were designed in the same language.
ROI Thanks to the unprecedented success in the digital platforms, they opened a new branch in Tel Aviv

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